Nowadays office workers and people at home who work in front of the computer all day face a high risk of getting a computer vision syndrome and/or suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain.
Research has shown though that extra mini breaks during the day were beneficial for reducing tension and muscle fatigue and did not reduce the workers’ productivity. On the contrary data entry speed was even faster as a result of extra breaks.

Therefore to reduce the risk of being affected by these physical health issues I designed “COACH” which is a digital wall-hanging clock with the main function of coaching, motivating and inspiring.

Inspired by the traditional German cuckoo clock “COACH” works on a similar principle. Every 30 minutes the worker is being reminded with a sound signal to take a little break. A person will climb out of the middle of the clock to show simple exercises, explain them in steps and repeat them twice within 5 minutes.
Once the task is done the workers can go back to their work space.

Additionally there will be given methods of stress relief, tips to refocus, motivational quotes or jokes to make you smile (given in text only) out of a random selection of hundreds of options – always varying.

Moreover the workers have the possibility to personalize the clock by adding pictures taken on their phone and sending them via an app to the database of the clock (during their brakes e.g.). In this way colleagues passing by can be surprised.

In contrast to phone or computer apps in that direction “COACH” invites to gather and do the workouts together which is more motivating. Only limited to a certain amount of features helps to not get distracted too much either.
Once the working hours for the day are finished the clock will go into sleeping mode as well to save energy.

All in all “COACH” offers a fun approach to lighten up the office day and enhances the physical wellbeing of the workers.