In an individualistic world where each just seems to think about themselves only and relationship conflicts of all kinds are evolving due to poor communication, eating from the same plate can be very bonding as it is a very intimate act.
It brings you closer together and teaches you lessons about each other that you would have never known otherwise. You learn to share and care, you learn about what the other person likes and doesn’t like and teaches you to rethink again in “us” instead of “me only”.

For this reason I designed “UNITY” which is a bigger ceramic plate for two people (couples, family members, friends e.g.) that helps bonding and discovering each other anew.
It comes with two twin bowls (for liquids like soups or other side dishes like salads) of which each one has a little deepening underneath to add a candy, written note etc. as a surprise for the other.

Moreover the set can be extended with two other types of trays: one for other type of side dishes like raw fruits and vegetables or dips and the other ones are just lids to cover the surprise deepenings.

Ultimately “UNITY” makes eating together an exciting experience and helps tying stronger social bonds.