Sharing food together is a moment of celebration. It encourages sociability, empathy and trust.
To celebrate the beauty of this moment of sharing I have designed „Doublesided“.
It’s a set of flexible, two-sided-use tableware that aesthetically combines different meals into one whole exciting unity.

The set consists of five differently-shaped ceramic food bowls and trays of which each one can be turned around to be used for a different type of meal.
All five items cover starters, main dishes and desserts and according to what meals are being served the landscape will always change.
In this way even the most simple meal can be showcased in an equal and pleasant way.

Furthermore being able to use both sides of the dishes saves cupboard space.
Especially in small households „Doublesided“ covers an essential range of tableware which can be stored away easily.
This prevents you from having too many unneccessary items standing around that don’t fit together aesthetically.

On the whole “Doublesided” unites individual dishes into one whole family bringing up an always changing and new landscape that makes food sharing a special experience.