My name is Anna Ballmann and I’m originally from Germany – now living in the Netherlands. I have studied product design at the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven (NL) and graduated there in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts.

A part of my life that has influenced me a lot are my “studies” at the “university of life”: backpacking in various countries like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and India for two years.

Here I did not only have a great time but also gained a lot of knowledge and experience about various cultures and people’s behaviours, lifestyles and ways of communication which influence my work until today.

Moreover I’m a curious analyzer that likes to observe her surrounding and gets inspired by anything that comes along the way: whether it is the dry leaves on the branch making softly strumming sounds in the wind or fingers gliding through peas in a bowl.

Trying to find solutions for problems or needs by diving into them, mixing the outcome with bubbling ideas, adding my personal fascinations and cooking them in a pot of simplicity with an icing on the cake to get something that is of value for society – that’s what I’m aiming for.